Sunday vignette

I was awake early this morning 6.15 and up at 7.00. I was on morning tea at church, you are meant to be there at 8.00 to set up. I’m not a morning person, I like to take my mornings leisurely and with tea.

But I find myself awake early most weekends. I tell myself I should use this time to do stuff. Mostly I just curse that I’m chronically unable to sleep in. Now it’s dark it’s harder than ever to get up, even the birds seem to stay asleep until after 7.00.

If there are some joys in the early mornings, I usually listen to ABC Classic FM where Ed Ayres has the perfect mix of get up and move and quietness. I use tea cups rather than a mug on Sunday.

When I look out my windows I see swallows flitting over the water, having breakfast. The magpies are chortling, and this always makes me feel like the world is still okay. Sometimes you can hear Kookaburras.

There’s the ever present ducks who sneak across the road and eat my grass. In someways this is a good thing because it means I hardly ever have to mow. They rush off when they think I’m looking.

By this stage, I’m running a bit late, I need to get dressed and go. I always feel a bit bad that my time management skills as adult are not as they should be. But there are few times when you don’t need to rush here or there and Sundays should be one of them.


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