Breaking the monotony…

My work is pretty tedious at the moment, I’m responding to hundreds of emails, I need stuff to get me through the monotony. Here’s a list of things that helped today…

1. Playing my entire playlist on my iPod on shuffle. There’s some stuff I rarely listen to and it was like discovering a long lost friend. Josh Pyke, Jack Johnson, The Beatles, the Peatbog Fairies and some song off the chill out session volume 2 from 2001… I haven’t started singing yet but I’m bopping along to the beats.

2. Random non-sequitur comments on large group email lists.

3. Friends making comments about non-sequitur comments on large group email lists.

4. Friends emailing me about cats, puppies, houses, TV shows, new books or how capitalism is the root of all evil.

5. Once More With Feeling… The Joss Whedon Buffy musical soundtrack, still so good after all these years. It always makes me smile when I listen to it both because it’s funny and clever and I because I reckon Joss had so much fun writing it.

One thought on “Breaking the monotony…

  1. I listen to iTunes as I work. Fortunately I have my own office but know some staff find it distracting so try to remember to press pause when they come into my office 😉

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