Unpleasant surprises

Last night I got home to find that someone had ripped some of the grasses I’d recently planted out of my rockery. Not the nice expensive ones mind, the crappy tube stock ones that are worth less that $20. But they didn’t steal them, they just left them behind – an act of stupidity and vandalism.

My first reaction was shock, I mean who does that. I’m not sure I was angry;  annoyed and concerned mostly. Concerned that this will be a pattern now, annoyed that I need to think of upping security to stop morons who have nothing better to do.

I don’t think I want security cameras. I’ve installed an alarm but security cameras seem like a step too far. Like developing a siege mentality where you think the world is out to get you. I’m considering a fence but not sure if this is something I want to do right now.

Even better than any of these measures is asking my bible study group to pray for God’s protection over my house and garden. For non-believers this probably seems a bit weird but is quite a normal thing for Christians to ask for prayers for all sorts of things that are going on in their lives.

I’ve replanted the grasses but God knows whether they’ll be any good now. And it might take me a while to be at ease about the whole thing too. It’s not a pleasant feeling to know someone has been wandering on your property and vandalising it. But mum said grasses are hardy… So I guess I can be too.




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